Why the Lakers will have their best season this year.

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Lakers, NBA

The Kobe Bryant – Pau Gasol led Lakers have been in 3 Finals apperances and have captured 2 Championships and have had good seasons in the past three years. But something tells me that this year’s Lakers will be better than previous years. Here are the reasons why:

Lakers’ One-Two Punch Reloaded

In their previous championship runs, both Kobe and Pau have been playing for their national teams during the summer. Kobe for the U.S.A and Pau for Spain. They only get to rest their body and relax for about 3 weeks.

Last season, Gasol’s body was apparently wear down and missed 17 gamse because of Hamstring injuries. Kobe also had numerous injuries including a sore knee, fractured finger and torn ligament on another finger.   

This year, Pau Gasol will not be part of the Spanish National team for the first time in three years to rest his banged up body. Kobe be will also be stepping away for his National team obligations. Kobe also had surgery on his right knee which was bothersome last season.

The Lakers’ two superstars will be well rested and reloaded come training camp.

Veteran Bench 

One of the Lakers’ problems last season was their young and inconsisitent bench players. They would give up big leads and put pressure on the starters to get the lead back. This offseason, the Lakers’ front office did all they could to stop this from happening again.

The Lakers’ Acquired veterans Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff. These players, who are starting caliber players, will be playing backup to one of the best starting line-ups in the NBA. If you have Steve Blake and Matt Barnes playing as bench players, you know you have a very deep and talented team.


The Lakers’ core group of Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, Fisher and Odom have been together for three chamionship runs now. This only means that they are well accustomed to each others style of play, resulting to better execution both offensively and defensively.

Motivated Black Mamba

Just winning his 6th NBA championship is enough to motivate the firecest competitors in the league. But Kobe has another motivation, thanks to the Miami Heat. Kobe will have his eyes set on beating the Heats’ Big three of Wade, James and Bosh. Ill tell you one thing, Kobe can’t wait for Christmas day.

There you go, those are the reason why I think the Lakers’ will complete their three-peat.

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