Top Small 5 Forwards of the PBA

Posted: September 9, 2010 in PBA

5. Joe Devance –  One of the most offensively talented small forwards on the PBA. Devance can score form the outside with his, although unorthodox, accurate outside shooting. He can also score inside and is a threat in the low post where he is usually taller than other small forwards in the PBA.

4. Gabe Norwood – A stat-stuffer. Mr. President gives you points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Sometimes not assertive enough in the offensive end but makes up for it with his intensity in the defensive end. His quick feet and long arms make him a very good defender and is the designated stopper of the elasto painters.

3.  Arwind Santos – An atletic, tall and skinny small forward. He has a great slashing ability thanks to his speed, exlposiveness and atlethicism. Also is a great defender for he is a one time Defensive Player of the year. Also has a decent shooting touch.

2. Jay Washington – A small forward who is a good 3 pt shooter. Usually goes to the low post and uses his superior strength to other small forwards in order to score. Also goes to the free throw line quite often. He also works hard on the glass and is a pretty good rebounder for his position.

1. Kelly Williams – Is extremely talented and a freak of an athlete.  This former MVP makes use of his atlethicism to score form either the outside or the low post. Is also a terrific rebounder and a decent shot blocker. A very exciting player because of his frequent slam dunks.

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