Top 5 Point Guards of the PBA

Posted: September 9, 2010 in PBA
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5. Ryan Reyes – An aggressive and slashing type of Point Guard who uses his combination of great ball handling skills, strength and speed to get to the hole. Also has the strength to absorve contact and draw a foul. He is also a good and willing passer.

4. Willie Miller – A 5’11′” combo guard who can play both the shooting guard and point guard positions. Perhaps the most prolific scorer in this list. He doesn’t have the speed and explosiveness to blow by his defender but somehow uses his craftiness to get the the rim . Also has a smooth lefty shooting stroke that is lethal from the outside.

3. Solomon Mercado – Perhaps the most deadly point guards when it comes to transition. Because of his speed, exposiveness and great upper body strength, the “Sol Train” is very hard to stop. He can also finish through contact. Also needs to improve free throw shooting because he gets to the line often.

2. L.A Tenorio – This years most improved player and a Mythical Five selection. Tenorio’s improvement in the point guard position is the key to Alaska’s Championship. He has become one of the top point guards with his speed, shooting and playmaking skills.

1. Jimmy Alapag – The “Mighty Mouse” is still the best playmaker in the PBA today. His leadership makes him very suitable for the Poin Guard position, combined with speed, exlposiveness and a deadly outside shot. When your talking about top point guards, he’s No. 1.

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